Hanes Sport Boyshort - H1439 - 3 pack

$13.99 only $4.66 each
Hanes Sport Boyshort H1439T
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  • 3 pack
  • Material - 95% cotton, 5% spandex for a superb fit
  • Quick dry liner helps keep you dry
  • Plush-back striped elastic waistband
  • Covered elastic at leg trim
  • Comfortable boyshort styling
  • Ideal for the gym, working out and everyday wear
  • Hanes style H1439T

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Yes, over in BC the Walmart here no longer carries them either :(. Hence, why I'm buying them here online :)

Yes they come and go at Walmart but we always have stock. They are quite hard to find at retail - please consider purchasing on line with us!

What store in Newfoundland carries these now? Walmart used to, but can't find them anymore!!!! So disappointed!! They fit great and are made better than the newest underwear I just purchased!

Walmart used to carry them, could not find them anymore...

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