Stanfield's Essentials 2 layer thermal drawers - 9546

$21.99 - 27.99 (US$: 17.25 - 21.96)
Stanfield's Essentials 2 layer thermal drawers - 9546
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Stanfield's Essentials thermal drawer, long johns features 2 layers for the ultimate in warmth. When you buy Stanfield's you buy the best long underwear anywhere!

  • 2 layers ensures fantastic warmth even through the worst of Canada's winters
  • 50% Cotton 50% Polyester for extra durability
  • Guaranteed elastic waistband
  • Double panel front features no gap fly
  • Generous leg length
  • Full roomy seat for comfort
  • Machine washabe and dryable

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My husband loves them. He has problems with his legs so need warm drawers, and likes stanfields because they are warm while still light and not too bulky

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