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Watson's 100% Cotton Bloomers - Replaced

$9.99 (US$7.99)
Watson's 100% Cotton Bloomers
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We are sorry to report that Watson's has discontinued this style. We have however found a replacement from Naturana. Please follow this link:

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Hi Kathy, we are in Ottawa. You can see our complete contact information at the contact page -

Where in Canada are you located?

I am so glad to find these bloomers as they are the only underwear that my 90 year old mother will wear. She finds them long wearing and very comfortable. Thank you for still having these available!!W

I have been looking for this, For many years I have purchased Watson's cotton bloomers culottes for my mother at Wal-Mart and they always had stock. Now I stop at every Wal-Mart I pass, and also have friends looking, to try to find some. But I'm so lucky to find your site.

Hello Fran and thank you for your comment. We understand your input and are researching a lightweight option for summer. We have found a light cotton/polyester blend Pettipant that we are planning to add to the store. We greatly appreciate your input. I will contact you privately to discuss more.

Thank you for delivering the order I made last week so promptly. Do you have a shorter summer weight bloomer as my mother-in-law considers these winter weight?

I have been ordering underwear from US as that is only place I can find product to fit. I wear cotton only and size 15 US. I do not know Canadian equivalent size but I know they are big. Can you advise me?

I would like to order 7 pairs of the 2 XL I like them very much..I consider you a real find.

These bloomers are of excellent quality. They retain their size and shape perfectly after washing and drying. The band legs are also very comfortable and do not cut into a heavier leg in a way that shows when worn under pants.

Hi Joy Lynn, Wal-Mart stopped carrying Watson's bloomers about a year ago so we were quite pleased to offer them. And they are very popular. Please consider an order with us! I'll contact you privately as well.

For many years I have purchased Watson's cotton bloomers at Wal-Mart and they always had stock. Now I stop at every Wal-Mart I pass, and also have friends looking, to try to find some. It is a lucky day for me if they have any available. Are you not supplying Wal-Mart with the bloomers any more?

Hello Darlene, thanks for your question. The bloomers have band legs so no elastic to worry about there. The waistband however is bare elastic very similar to other Watson's panties that you can see on our site. I will respond to you privately as well.

I am inquiring for a friend who does not have a computer. Her question is if there is an elastic waist? Is elastic enclosed and if so is it bulky? OR does the elastic have contact with the skin. What I have read looks like there is NO elastic in the legs?

Hoping this size fits, if so, will order more.

Hello Alice, thanks so much for the order and your bloomers are on their way to you now.

I would like to order 1pr of the Watsons Bloomer culottes I n size 2x and 1pr in 3x as I am not sure how they fit

Hello Darlene, the new stock will be in early March. We will be in touch to confirm their arrival.

I would also like to know the answer to that question, and I am also looking for XL size of your bloomers. I just received my first shipment and they fit perfectly and wanted to order some more, so that I have them, they are very hard to find. So when they are in stock can you let me know so I can order some more. Thank you

I would also like to learn of any winter-weight bloomers you may obtain. Many years ago, I bought Watson's wool-acrylic blend bloomers from Marks and Spencer when it was located in Toronto, Canada.

Hello and thank you for your question. We will respond privately via email but at this point the Watson's bloomer is the only one we stock. It is a mid-weight cotton. We are looking around to see if we can find more options in bloomers including winter weight and larger sizes. We will let you know what we find. Cath Customer Service

do you have warm winter bloomers - used to come in navy colour

I have been looking for this style for some time

I have been looking for a long time for this type of panties

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