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Watson's Simply You Brief - 3 pack - SY2201

$10.99 (US$9.00)
Watson's Simply You Brief
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Watson's popular and very comfortable plus size brief for women.

  • Designed for a better fit
  • Shrinkage controlled
  • Comfortable covered legbands
  • 100% Soft Cotton
  • Cotton lined gusset
  • Three colour choices - assorted prints, black-nude and white
  • Handy three pack
  • Available in sizes ranging from 2XL to 5XL

Watson's has decided to discontinue this style. We have some stock available but we are sorry to say that we won't be able to get any more.

As you select a size in the selection box below, you will be presented with the styles that are in stock for that size. You can also click on a product image for a magnified view.

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Looking on the comments from 2015 I find my response when I found Watson's by mail. I was thrilled. Today I come to order more and I find that you are discontinuing the style that fit perfectly and I am devastated. Why is this line being done away with. Look at the other comments that point to this style perfectly covering a butt.

I am excited to find Watsons briefs online, because they're the only ones that fit me! But, I need a small size. Where are they?

I am having a difficult time placing the order. This is my first time ordering so I'm not sure what you want as a comment, other than the process is quite frustrating for me

Hi and thank you for your order. I am sorry you had some difficulty in placing your order. I will contact you privately to determine how we can improve the shopping experience.

I love the panties but trying to order them is a hassle!!

My comments exactly! I used to buy these locally where I lived at the time. Then the store changed ownership and stock changed, and although I looked and looked, tried 3 different types only to find they did not fit well. Finally the other day the light bulb went on and I had an Aha! moment- the internet. So happy to find Watsons by mail. Ordering 15 pairs and all the ill fitters are hitting the dustbin. Hurray!

I have 3 threadbare pairs of these underpants left, and haven't been able to find them anywhere!! Then I had the genius idea to look on the internet. Yay!! I'm so happy that soon I will have perfect fitting underpants!!

I have been very happy with the Traditional style and am looking forward to trying the Simply You style.

I'm hoping these are the same as the Traditional briefs. As I've searched several provinces for briefs by Watson. They are the only type I've come across that actually fit the bigger- bottomed woman.

These briefs are the only ones where the cut/style keeps my butt covered comfortably

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