WonderBra wire free front closure bra W0906

$35.99 (US$27.81)
WonderBra wire free front closure bra
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  • Front closure (front fastner) bra
  • Comfortable front adjustable straps
  • Feminine lace
  • Inner underbust support
  • Unique comfort band that conforms to your body
  • Four-way stretch fabric.
  • WonderBra style 0906

Fabric content: lace 100% nylon, bottom cup 100% polyester, back and diaphragm 85% nylon - 15% spandex.

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I love my front closure bra the only thing I would do differently is I would go up a cup size.

Hello Elizabeth, I`m afraid that WonderBra has discontinued size 50DD. I very sorry we can`t help.

I'm looking for 906 bra in 50 DD I would like to order 3 or 4 if possible

I love this style bra! I have worn this bra for years but now this is the only location I have been able to order from. I have received excellent service. I hate to see that the manufacturer is going to discontinue this bra.

Hi Wanda, thank you for your question. I am sorry to report that we can't get more stock in size 48DD. We will also send you an email privately.

will you be getting any more wonderbras 906 size 48DD

Hi Yakov, I see your order on the system. Your shipment will go out today. Thank you!

I want 0906 size 40C

I have been looking for this bra for over 2 years and real need some.

Hi Catherine, we checked with WonderBra and right now there is no stock available in W1903 46C. However, it is still active on their system so we will keep an eye out and let you know by email when stock becomes available.

I'm looking for the WonderBra 1903 in 46C. Is it possible to get that?

Hi Wanda, more stock is on the way and should be here later this week. I will let you know when the stock arrives and put two aside for you. Cath

Could you please let me know when you get bra W0906 size 48DD please. I would like to get 2. Thanks Wanda

We are expecting more stock on September 16th. I will send you an email update when it arrives. Thanks for your inquiry.

Hello Wanda, yes we will be getting more stock in your size later this month. I have made a note to contact you privately when the stock arrives.

I just bought 2 - W0906 bras. I wanted 4 of them. Will you be getting more in?

Hi there, they are on order. We'll let you know when they arrive in stock. Likely early next week. Thanks for your inquiry

Looking for Wonderbra model 0906 size 44DD

We will contact you privately about your request. Thanks for shopping at Basics.

I was given your website by a Wonderbra agent. I am looking to order 4 bras, Style 906 Size 46D. Can you supply these bras.

Thanks so much for your request. The smaller sizes have arrived. We have sent you a private email as well.

i want two wht 0906 size 40C or 42B

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